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01 / 12 / 04

APC Super Upgrade Harness and BrightBox Mod

APC Super Upgrade Harness and BrightBox Mod

(Big K Mod Stage(???)

Well, Since I had installed the Diamond Headlights and Turn signals, I wanted a little more light, (if that didn't give enough). So I started searching and found alot of people that ran the SUVLIGHTS harness and noticed on their page it is same as this harness made by APC, So I searched for a part number, (APC 50.9106). I ordered it from a local shop close to me (Texas Truck Toys) and got it in a few days. Also I ordered a set of APC HIGH Wattage Bulbs, they have a blue tint to them which I like but some people don't. So I pulled it out of the box and went to work. Probably 10 minutes later, I have LIGHT! :D Very simple and easy to install. (I have installed this harness on 11.06.2003)

Installation Instructions:

About the only things you need are one wrench or socket for the Battery Bolt and one for the Grounding Bolts. To begin you take out both sides of the bulbs, make sure not to touch the bulb itself if you are reusing them. Then decided which side you are going to place the relay for the new harness (in my pics it is just laying there because I could decided on a place then but I mounted it later). It really doesn't matter which side you place the relays both will work, I choose to place it on the driver side. Ok, Now you figured out where it is going to go. Lay it out along the radiator our how ever you are going to run it to the other side, I ran mine with the Battery Cable Runner. Make sure it is long enough and going to fit, (which it is). Now unplug the Batt connector from the Harness. Now, unscrew one side of the positive battery bolt and slide the connectors on that bolt and retighten. Now, find a good ground for the harness to connect to, there should be green nuts all over the place, those are grounds, unscrew one and put the ground on the bolt and retighten. Also do the grounding the same for the other side. OK, now you have the power and the ground. Now, ya must hook together the relays to the harness and mount them and hook them to the harness. Ok with the power still unhooked, start by putting one bulb into the headlight bucket (without touching the bulb AT ALL) and screwing the holder back on the bucket. Now Hook up the APC Harness to the bulb, It is very TIGHT but just keep pushing on it until it is on their snug. Do the same thing on the other side. Now you take the side that is hooked to the Battery and there will be a FEMALE BLUE PLUG on the harness, Take the STOCK Headlight Socket and insert it into the Harness, This will tell the Harness to come on and go off. Now with everything hooked up. Hook up the Power to the Harness and Test the system by turning on the lights from the cab. Easy Huh! :D


There is also a another mod you can do with this harness that will allow the low beams to stay on with the high beams aka Bright Box that is sold for like $90, ya can do this with this harness for about 50 CENTS!!!!!

All you need is a Diode, something about 1Amp and 12Volts or more, I got a 200V, 1A because that is what I could find in the Garage. What you do is you put it on the other STOCK Bulb Socket that isn't used in the Harness. What this will do is when the Highs are turned on, The power from the Highs will go from the High to the low and back thru the system to the other side that will turn on the relay for the APC Harness to turn on the Lows also. Ya just have to make sure ya put the diode in right, and the reason to use a Diode is because if ya just had WIRE it would turn both highs and lows on at the same time all the time, ya need a diode for a one way circuit ;)

Make sure the direction of the Diode is from High to Low Circuit, It should look like this, on the drivers side socket, then ya can cover it in Electrical Tape or something so it can't contact metal.

I don't take credit for any of this info as I got it from someone else but can't remember who told me, Just thought Yall would like the info.

Kevin "Big K" Neal
President and Webmaster
North Texas Power Stroke Association

Here is some pics of the system and install.

Harness still in package
184.77 KB
Harness Package Upper
168.76 KB
Harness Package Lower
171.61 KB
127.11 KB
APC Bulbs 88/100WATT
166.68 KB
101.00 KB
Plug End
176.04 KB
Harness Stretched Out!
199.44 KB
The other End with Relays
170.32 KB
These Plug into the Relays
180.52 KB
Goes to the Batts
173.27 KB
200V 1A Diode
131.42 KB
Harness Installed
134.43 KB
Stock Plug Into Harness
140.21 KB
Batt Connection
154.17 KB
163.57 KB
All Diamond STUFF!
143.91 KB

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